I’ve grown to have an intense passion over calligraphy, yoga, and spiritual practices over the years that I’ve decided to offer services related to each for anyone interested. Since I’m based in Manila, I’ll likely prioritize my fellow Filipinos—but I’m open to international clients and collabs, too.

Yoga Classes

yoga teacher yoga class Services

30-60 minute private and customizable programs held online.

Card Readings

card readings service Services

Triad (3) or horseshoe (7) Oracle and Tarot readings for a small energy exchange.


calligraphy service banner square Services

Custom handmade and digital designs or book a private online workshop.

Helpful Links

Here are my credentials, certifications, and portfolio:

  • View my Yoga Teacher Training certificate here.
  • Visit my yoga teacher profile on Instagram @flowwithfoti.
  • I also do FREE one-card Oracle or Tarot readings every full moon on @flowwithfoti. It is limited to the first 20 people who participate.
  • Check out my calligraphy portfolio on my Instagram page @theletterbelle.

Interested? Just click any of the “Learn More” buttons above to get info on each service. I look forward to hearing from you!