Oracle & Tarot Readings

I’ve been a fan of card readings since 2016, and bought my first Tarot deck a couple years later. I mostly studied the cards myself before I attended a Reading the Signs workshop in 2019 to help strengthen my intuition.

With eight decks in my collection, I finally feel ready to read cards for others and share good energy through it.

I offer triad (3) or horseshoe (7) card spreads for general guidance, clarity on relationships or career, and the full moon. ☺

Before you book, I’d like to remind you of what card readings are all about.
Read my stand on oracle and tarot cards here.

What People Are Saying

Wow, this is so accurate to what I’m experiencing rn. Thank you for doing this and relaying. This made my night today.

Krissy M.

Thank you this is so nice and helpful and accurate, it is well aligned to what I’m going thru and it validates how I’m moving forward to this!

Max C.

This is so relevant right now. That was very reassuring huh, and it calmed my mind down. Noted with thanks!

Chin S.

Book or Inquire

Need a trial? I offer FREE one-card readings on the new or full moon via IG Stories at @flowwithfoti. All you need to do is follow my page and participate! (Max 20 people per session only.)